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What is Health Loves Nature?

Health Loves Nature 

Health Loves Nature is my contribution to the world after getting rid of the symptoms of autoimmune disease that were ruining my life, my marriage and my career.

I don't wish this upon my worst enemy and while the research in the begining only was done in order to save my own health (or what was left of it) and ended up spending 8 years of reseaching and writing a book on the way the society deals wtih autoimmune diseases and food.

Who is Maria?

About The Founder

Journalist, Author and Entrepreneur.

Looking back my health troubles started back when I was still working as a photo editor for one of the big medias in Denmark.

A changing 12 hour scheduele working either 6 AM to 6 PM pr 12 AM to 12 PM was messing up my sleep and my food habits that became increasingly unhealthy though being completely healthy accourding to the food pyramid at the time.

I left the job to start my own marketing business in 2010  helping solopreneurs building high performance businesses. As a master of my own time I expected my sleep problems to solve themself, however that never really happened.

In 2012 I was forced to be very creative in order to save my business as some people .It created a lot of stress but I felt that things were getting better but it would soon In the beginning of 2013 I would experience the first symptoms of the disease that would turn my life upside down and affect my career for life.    

What I discovered?

Your Health is in Your Own hands!

If I had followed every advice my doctors have giving me since 2013.
I would have had a colostomy bag.

I would also have had my gallbladder removed.

I would never have changed my food habits.
I would still be a smoker as I didn't dare stop fearing that it would cause my Ulerative Colititis to act up.

The first question I asked when I was diagnosed was... Is there anything I can do with my diet to make it easier or better?

The only answer I got was a big fat NO.
There was only medicine and if that didn't work an operation.